Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Follow follow

Okay people..
How una dey?
Shey you know I promised to update often... lazy blogger that I am!
No try me o, me dey ready anywhichway even if it is just a line (that makes sense though)

Now, since I am new on blosville though my spirit has been around for a while (Take it or leave it!) I am thinking of doing the follow follow thingy.
Wetin follow follow be abi? No worry I will tell you sha...

I'm looking for blogs to follow maybe you all can help me sha...
I have seen and I have read..
Sexual appealing blogs like Roc, cool and collected like BSNC, funny blogs like TIgeress, day to day blogs like Miss.fab.
I am not tagging anyone o, that's why it's all out like that with no tags, but you all should help me out cos I no wan follow someone and unfollow the person again (If im blog no dey of interest)

Prerequisite abi?
Okay o...
Most be funny, full of humor, most contain lessons to learn from, tips and the likes.

So I'm all out to do follow follow... na who I go follow?


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  2. lol na really follow follow. Well Roc is a brilliant writer. Tigeress is funny and full of wisdom, Miss Fab is funny and she writes fabulously. You know you have alot talented bloggers out there. If i start naming now, i no go finish today..

    na wa o, you come get prerequiste sef. At least person no need to fill application for the matter.. phew. Take your time jare

  3. hahahaha! follow me! bsnc thinks i'm funny and fabulous (awww *blushing* lol)

    but there are loads of people on here who write amazingly. i have def learnt a lot in my months of active blogging/commenting than i have in years so...