Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wondering MIND

My mind keeps wondering and wondering
It wonders like the Wanderer it were
And so many thoughts flood my imagination
Thoughts of where my magic pen will start its swirl

There are so many side attractions on Blogsville
So many Bloggers of like interest
But they all stand out in distinction and still vary even with their minds alike

I ponder and still wonder
I need to develop my own little world
And live with it with so many others
There are lots of things to say
Of love, hate, shame and varied passions and emotion
And that is what makes it sweeter
And spice it up with a touch of spice

Mis.Rosa is here to stay
Tweet it all over blogsville
And let the high and mioghty come
To nibble from the humble cradle

(Wink... Wink)



  1. Lol I like! and welcome! and thanks for stopping by! Consider yourself followed! :)

  2. Hmm.. So we closing in on two weeks now..

    Blogville waits.. :D

  3. @BSNC, thanks jare, think I will be staying back o, cos I be runaway soldier. hahahah
    @miss.fab, missy like
    Thanks for liking o. Thanks for following too.
    @ROC, alrite now, I dey feel you.
    Here I come like a big big bang.